Blue Flower

 The club has been in existence for many years and has encompassed steam; railway models, metal work and machining, plastic models and radio controlled model cars.


Today, our main interests are in radio controlled model aircraft, and we meet in daylight hours to train newcomers to fly these models, to share the flying time when we are competent, and we hold a few simple club flying competitions in the Summer months.


We rent the use of the remains of an airfield as our model flying site, and we can park our cars nearby and set up a `Pit' area at a safe distance from the grass/concrete take off and landing area.


We require newcomers to the hobby to agree to fly ONLY under the supervision of our instructors, until they are competent to take off, control in flight and land safely in the designated area. We make every effort to keep this process as short as possible, but some weeks/months of tuition will be required, (Dependent on how much time individuals can spend on the airfield) to avoid damage or write-off to the trainee's model, injury to other members, spectators or their cars. Radio controlled models can be lethal, and crashes are expensive, so training and patience are required. We are there to ensure that:


"Safe Flying Is No Accident"


All our members are also members of the British Model Flying Association which covers 500 clubs in the UK, and we each have an individual insurance policy against damage to other’s property or injury to third parties, the cover limit is in millions of pounds, for a modest premium. Club officials arrange BMFA membership and insurance annually for our members, as part of their overall annual subscription- Members get copies of the BMFA National News sheet. The Secretary also issues regular club newsletters to members.


We hold indoor evening meetings in winter, in a pub or Cricklade Leisure Centre, with new models Concours and talks by specialists.  Summer meetings are ad hoc on the airfield.


If you are interested in this hobby, please give the membership secretary or chairman a call, and they will arrange for you to join us on the airfield or at a Winter meeting, without any obligation. We enjoy both building at home, spending time flying our models together, and helping each other to get enjoyment from our creations.